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T Series - Solids handling wastewater and sludge pumps

Gorman Rupp T series pump, upper sliceGorman Rupp T series pump, lower slice

T series are our leading Gorman-Rupp range.  Their robust construction combined with extremely reliable and simplistic operation makes them first choice for many of our customers.  Suitable applications range from pumping thick abrasive slurries/sludges on flooded suction to solid laden wastewater (achieving suction lifts of up to 7.5m).

The T Series has many unique ease of maintenance features (click on the link below to see some of them).

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Special Features
Data sheets
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Dimensions Typical Applications
Size 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10"
Max Capacity 206 l/s
Max Head 40m
Max Solids 3"
Materials Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Sewage transfer
Primary / Humus / Digested sludge transfer
RAS / SAS transfer
Grit removal
Tanker off-load
De-watering screen feed
Abattoir waste transfer
Perfomance Range
Gorman-Rupp T series performance range chart for 2,3,4,6,8 & 10 inch pumps
Gorman-Rupp T3 pumps installed for at a Anglian Water sewage pumping station Gorman-Rupp T10 pumps installed at a UK paper mill Gorman-Rupp T4 pumps on a sludge strainpress for Anglian Water
T3 pumps installed at an Anglian Water sewage pumping station T10 pumps transferring effluent at a UK paper mill T4 pumps on an Anglian Water sludge strainpress feed application
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