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Hot Oil Pumps

Hot oil fried foods have become a prominent part of the convenience food industry. Cornell have developed a range of pumps for long trouble free service life specially for hot oils used in the fry cooking of potatoes and other food products.

The larger pumps feature seal balance lines to optimise seal life. They are also fitted with vapour suppression lines which bypass any water vapour around the pump which could otherwise affect pump performance.

Seals may either be product flushed and cooled or water cooled for very hot oils.


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  • Sizes 1 _” , 2″ , 2 _”, 3″ , 4″ , 5″ , 6″ , 8″
  • Max Capacity – 900 m3/hr
  • Max Head – 91m
  • Max Temp – 203 degrees C
  • Materials – Cast Iron

Typical Applications

  • Hot oil re-circulation on snack fryer systems
  • Hot oil transfer

Onsite Installations


5” hot oil pump feeding heat exchanger.


Typical cut-away drawing.