Ultra V Series

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Solids handling wastewater and sludge pumps

The very latest from the Gorman-Rupp range. V series pumps combine high head performance with outstanding efficiency, priming and solids handling capability. These are available as single stage units (V series) or for extreme heads double stage units (VS series).


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Special Features

Economical Operation & Easy to Service

Three Times the Pressure


The patented UltraMate® can be paired with the Ultra V Series pump when system requirements exceed the Ultra V’s exceptional performance range. By adding the UltraMate unit directly to the Ultra V through an innovative transition chamber, maximum pressure is increased up to three times the pressure of traditional solids-handling, self- priming, single stage pumps. Losses associated with conventional series connected pumps are also reduced, resulting in increased efficiencies. 

Smart Scroll Discharge Locator

smart scroll discharge locator

The patented Smart Scroll® can be rotated to fit your specific piping system. It can be ordered in vertical or horizontal facing, left or right positions.

Removable Rotating Assembly

Super T Series - Rotating Assy

The entire rotating assembly can be removed without disturbing the pump volute or pipework. Jacking screw holes are provided to assist with removal. This allows for quick and easy installation of a spare rotating assembly, resulting in less downtime.

Easily Removable Coverplate

Super T Series - Cover Plate

The front cover can be removed by simply undoing two or four handles (depending on model).  This allows easy access to the pump internals.  Check valves, impellers, and wear plates can all be replaced via this cover, and any blockages can quickly be removed.

Solids Handling Impeller

Gorman Rupp Solids Handling Impeller

Two-vane, ductile iron, semi-open solids handling impeller handles up to 3″ (76.2mm) diameter solids, depending on pump model. Pump out vanes on the impeller shroud reduce foreign material buildup behind the impeller and reduce pressure on the seal and bearings.

Exclusive Gorman-Rupp Mechanical Seal

Gorman Rupp Cartridge Seal

Exclusive double-floating, self-aligning, oil lubricated mechanical cartridge seal with stationary and rotating face of silicon carbide or titanium carbide is specifically designed for abrasive and/or trash handling service. Other seal configurations are available, please contact the Sales Team at Hydromarque.

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Parts List

Parts List

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O&M Manual

O&M Manual

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  • Sizes 3″ , 4″ , 6″
  • Max Capacity – 123 l/sec
  • Max Head – 99m
  • Max Solids – 3″
  • Materials – Cast Iron, Hard Iron Fitted
  • W.I.M.E.S. spec compliant
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty
Ultra V 5 year warranty

Typical Applications

  • High head pumping
  • Sewage transfer
  • Primary / Humus / Digested sludge transfer
  • RAS / SAS transfer
  • Grit removal
  • Tanker off-load
  • De-watering screen feed
  • Abattoir waste transfer
  • Recycling plant waste
  • Food production waste

Performance Range


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