Aluminium manufacturing pumps breaking down

October 05, 2015

U6B60S used at aluminium manufacturing plant

We were called along with Eriks and Kite Utility Services to a factory where they make aluminium sheets.

The original pump was a vertical trunk slung submersible that was constantly breaking down and was very expensive to repair as spares were made to order from Europe.

The pump was difficult to remove and needed overhead lifting equipment that had to be constantly inspected.

Gorman Rupp U6 pumps were installed

Pumping water from the aluminium manufacturing process to cooling towers, we were confident that we had the right pump for the job.

We supplied A U6B60S-B F/M surface mounted self-priming pump and there are long term plans for 3 more!

Kite Utility Services were responsible for the installation of the pumps.

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