T Series

Solids handling wastewater and sludge pumps T Series are our leading Gorman-Rupp range. Their robust construction combined with extremely reliable and simplistic operation makes them first choice for many of our customers.  Suitable applications range from pumping thick abrasive slurries/sludges on...
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Hydro transportation

Food Pumps Cornell’s specially designed food handling pumps are engineered to effectively move even the most delicate of food products with a minimum of damage or bruising. The most common application in the UK is the handling of potato products...
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O Series

Self priming centrifugal for clear liquids Gorman-Rupp O Series® self- priming centrifugal pumps have a straight-in suction design which eliminates entrance restrictions and provides better performance when handling a variety of clear liquids. Gorman-Rupp O Series® pumps feature a balanced,...
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Vacuum Assist

Vacuum Assist The Prime Aire system uses a venturi and a compressor, which eliminates the leaks associated with traditional vacuum-assisted pumps. This unique system not only reduces environmental concerns on sewage bypass operations and other hazardous liquids, but it also...
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Rotary Gear Pumps

Gear pumps The G Series pumps are available in Medium, Heavy and Extreme Duty models. Made from cast Iron, cast steel and stainless steel makes the pumps versatile enough to handle virtually any pumping application. They are available as Close-Coupled,...
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Conventional 1


Wallwin Dry Well Pumps Many thousands of Wallwin Pumps have been supplied to Local Councils, Water Companies and general industry since the 1920’s and this proven design is still available today. Early models were supplied with packed gland sealing arrangement...
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Hot Oil

Hot Oil Pumps Hot oil fried foods have become a prominent part of the convenience food industry. Cornell have developed a range of pumps for long trouble free service life specially for hot oils used in the fry cooking of...
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Refueller Pumps

Refueller pumps PTO & Hydraulic Motor Driven This is the mobile vehicle mounted range of O series pumps most commonly used for aircraft refueller vehicle applications. In order to achieve the high pressures required the PTO driven versions of the...
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80 Series

Solids handling wastewater pump 80 Series® pumps are designed for non-stop workloads. The straight-in-suction design of these high-efficiency pumps guarantees quick, positive self-priming and allows them to operate at higher suction levels than most other self-priming centrifugal pumps. Liquid enters...
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JW Submersible

50 Hz Submersible Solids Handling Pumps In April 2005 Gorman-Rupp purchased the Wallwin range of submersible and dry well submersible pumps from Gilkes. These are now known as the Gorman-Rupp JW Series. The pumps are designed to meet the specifications...
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